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About the Cottage.
Terms and Booking.
Pets Policy
We understand that you may want to bring your pet with you but the cottage is generally unsuitable for dogs.

Exceptions can sometimes be made for small, quiet, well-behaved animals, under special circumstances but must  be discussed in advance.
The cottage is not suitable for energetic dogs who are used to taking exercise (or carrying out other natural processes!) in a garden.

The garden is small and paved. The cottage is surrounded by neighbours and a barking dog would be quite unacceptable.

Large dogs cannot be accepted. Under exceptional circumstances, we may accept small to medium-sized, well behaved dogs, but a charge for additional cleaning will be made.

House Rules

Pets are not allowed upstairs or on the furniture

Animals must be fully house-trained;

All dog/cat mess must be cleared from the garden and disposed of responsibly in dog-litter bins in The Kinecroft  (parkland close to the cottage);

Animals (except cage-living animals - rodents, birds etc) must not be left alone in the Cottage (ask about the availability of pet minding);

No bitches in season (an ‘intact’ male terrier lives in the house with an adjoining garden!);

An additional charge of £15 per week (or part of week) will be made to cover additional cleaning but pet owners will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by their animals.

Pets at One-Kinecroft